(Augmented) Piano Reality 1.0

Source:Amit Ishai & Moshe Liran Gannon

First and only Augmented Reality Piano for smart phones!!!
DRAW your own PIANO on PAPER, and then PLAY it!


The application does not work on all phones or android versions. If everytime you tap the screen for recognition you straight off get the message: "Please check your drawing...", there probably is a compatability problem.

If you experience a problem, email us:
We will do all we can to help


This new revolutionary android application uses the camera feed to recognize the piano you drew on a PIECE OF PAPER, and then lets you PLAY that PIANO!!!

The most modern piano on earth is a paper piano!

As long as the camera can make the borders out clearly, you can draw yourself a piano keyboard like in the movie "Big", or even a little nano piano!

Get a couple of friends together and get ready to jam, cause this is the real deal - unless you have a real piano.
...On the other hand, you'll want it anyway, cause it's just plain amazing.

Sad? Stressed? Angry? Bored? Not the best weather or cloudy outside?
Find the differences:
*Playing solitaire or Sudoku
*Making music
It's impossible not to see!
You can be playing like a famous pro in minutes making beautiful music!
So drag yourself away from the tv or video game, tear out a piece of paper from your notepad, doodle yourself a piano and start making music! When you're done - you can toss it out and then make another...

It's so quick and easy, and once you've discovered expressing yourself by music you won't be able to control yourself, no matter what age you are…

Who would ever think you could create the ultimate virtual musical instrument with a marker and a piece of paper and then compose your own music?

Try out Piano Reality now!!!

Please check out our site for instructions and further information:


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Piano Reality on Youtube:


lookout for updates and more advanced features, there's yet
A LOT in store!

Last Updated:2011-09-18 22:40:18
File size:3MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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